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Tikka is a world-class product of Sako’s firearm engineering and design. Their guns have withstood the test of time and continuously grown in popularity over the years.

Tikka Rifles: The Tikka Story

Although the first Tikkakoski factory was established in 1893 in Jyväskylä, Finland, the factory began manufacturing gun components in 1918. In 1981, Tikkakoski Oy and Sako cooperated on a prototype rifle series and made history for creating world-renowned. Based on Sako’s long firearm-manufacturing traditions, Tikka meets the requirements of modern-day hunters and gun-lovers by combining traditional gunsmith know-how with advanced technology in the manufacturing and design of their guns. 

The history of the company began in the early 1920s when the company was actually founded. Although Sako has come a long way from its early hand manufacturing to today’s computer-aided R&D and CNC manufacturing, they have not forgotten the value of traditional gunsmith craftsmanship, which is why they still carry out specific critical steps. This can be seen by their visual inspection of each barrel, after which they manually test them for accuracy during a test shoot. All of their rifles comply with CIP and SAAMI requirements. They do this to ensure that their users get only the best.

As an honored member of the Beretta Group, Saka has easy access to new and advanced production methods enabling them to continuously refine their product development. With this achievement, they have become more focused on creating the landmark for accuracy and performance in the market.

Basic Tikka Rifles Options, Features, and Uses

Tikka Rifles features an exciting collection of guns such as T1x & T3x and comes in a vast number of variations. At, we are committed to offering you the best rifles for hunting and so on. Hunters and lovers of rifles will definitely love the Tikka rifles we have to offer.


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M10 MM1-M10-762

Tikka  JRTXB316
Tikka JRTXB316

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Tikka JRTXA352


 AZTP-22 AZTP-22-SP-058
AZTP-22 AZTP-22-SP-058

Tikka  JRTXB340
Tikka JRTXB340