Ruger LCP – C 380 ACP


The Ruger LCP is back and better than ever with the LCP-C.

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The Ruger LCP is back and better than ever with the LCP-C.

The skeletonized aluminum trigger with red anodized finish is wider than the original LCP’s trigger. This makes shooting the LCP Custom easier while wearing gloves, as well as reducing felt trigger pull by about one pound. Those who had difficulty with the smaller trigger on the original model LCP will find this skeletonized aluminum trigger much more comfortable.

Both of the sights on the Ruger LCP custom have been enlarged, with the front having a glow-in-the-dark photo luminescent dot. The rear sight is drift-adjustable and dovetailed. The sights allow for easier and quicker target acquisition while offering improved accuracy at longer distances.

The stainless steel guide rod adds weight to the front of the gun for better control of muzzle rise.

The Ruger LCP Custom has the same lightweight, glass-filled nylon grip frame as the original model, with an alloy steel slide and blued finish. Though the original LCP is easy to conceal, the new Custom has polished sides for a smoother draw from a holster.

The dimensions on Ruger’s new Custom LCP are virtually the same as the original .380 ACP model. It is 0.82-inch wide and weighs 9.75 ounces unloaded. The upgraded sights do add 0.2-inch more to the gun’s height. However, this increased height does not affect holster compatibility. The Ruger LCP Custom will fit existing holsters.

These new, upgraded features on the Custom LCP made this .380 pocket pistol the gun you would have created and has caused many who passed over the handgun to give it another consideration. The trigger and sights give it an entirely new feeling when shooting it, and put it in a different class rather than just a gun to carry as back up. The Ruger LCP Custom .380 ships with one six-round magazine and two floorplates—one flat and one with a finger rest. Extended capacity magazines are available.

Action: Semi-Automatic • Finish: Blued • Barrel: 2.75″ 1:16″ Twist • Sights: Drift Adjustable Photoluminiescent • Magazine(s): 1 – 6 Round • Grips: Synthetic • Weight: 9.7 oz. • Overall Length: 5.16″ • MSRP: $269
Wide, Red-Anodized, Skeletonized Aluminum Trigger
Polished, Stainless Steel Guide Rod
Photoluminescent Front Sight, Drift Adjustable Rear Sight
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